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Played with a quivery reserve by Dina Korzun, who was marvelous in a much different kind of displaced-person limbo in the fine British drama ``Last Resort,'' Laura is one of those trophy girlfriends who people just assume is vapid.
I have no idea where he is now,it is such a horrible time I feel quivery at the thought of what he might be going through.
Below the surface the mud was quivery, like jelly or homemade mayonnaise after it has been left standing too long.
Folk who go all quivery and hurt at the suggestion that claptrap for Jesus is still claptrap.
Everybody was a bit quivery inside, because there was the threat of war with the Germans and there were some rumblings from the IRA, but Coventry had seen no action.
Stewart Robertson's melodramatic conducting trivialized the music, and while soprano Amy Johnson (Tosca) and tenor Ian DeNolfo (Cavaradossi) could at least sing, quivery bass Michele Bianchini was completely miscast in the baritone role of Scarpia.