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In this era of instant history, when one calamity erases the memory of another and tragedies like the Ethiopian famine are already being forgotten, it would seem quixotic to write about the famine in Biafra, which occurred almost 20 years ago.
I'm not sure I believe Herzlinger's moments of despair, but the movie is crafted well enough to get us involved in our hero's quixotic quest while it's unfolding.
Warhol's quixotic enterprise, his impossible dream of becoming a machine, was ultimately doomed to (unmechanical) failure.
Early films such as ``Hardcore'' and ``American Gigolo'' did OK, commercially and critically, but for more than two decades he's had to scramble to get independent financing for such interesting, if quixotic, works as ``Touch,'' ``Affliction'' and ``Auto Focus.
Working with Thomas Krens, he also made a quixotic attempt to catch the eye of Middle America by designing two Guggenheim satellites in Las Vegas, one of which closed in less than two years.
Gorman, whose show opens tonight, is a feel-good comic of the best stripe - though his shows are about his experiences encountering often eccentric strangers, he discusses them affectionately; most of the humor is turned toward himself, and his quixotic, neurotic behavior.
With its jerry-rigged, improvisational quality, the exhibition registered the inherently quixotic nature of contemporary sculpture, saddled as it is with the task of asserting actuality, or objecthood, in the face of ever-proliferating virtuality.
In the case of Gareth James's sculpture of the mythical European curator and color theorist Storm van Helsing, the artist's first attempt at a portrait of his quixotic alter ego, we gain insight into the stakes of that which is purportedly being "established" (or, better, refused), as his portrait is marked precisely by its shifting, indeterminate quality.
For example, the bloodless, polite performances lack the requisite passion; for another, when we encounter a crazed Victor on his quixotic hunt for the creature, what should be his scraggly beard is immaculately groomed.
Goldstein's earliest films show arduous, sometimes quixotic solo actions performed for the camera: In one, the artist hammers a nail into a piece of wood and then pries it loose with his teeth, while in another he sprints around the studio, apparently trying to outrun his shadow.
Think: America's first war as a nation was filled with quixotic ineptitude.
His book, a breezy memoir highlighted by procedural explications of his publication's biggest scoops - the photo of Elvis Presley in his coffin, the near-weekly revelations of Roseanne Barr's quixotic behavior (provided for pay by boyfriend-cum-husband-cum-ex Tom Arnold) and O.