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When the embargo on Childers' voluminous papers was lifted in 1970, Michael McInerney wrote a brief biography, The Riddle of Erskine Childers (1971), and there noted what a courageously inspired thing it was for this quixotically high-minded, liberal Englishman, man of action, yet visionary, to pack up and leave 'not only a country, but an intimate social circle, his closest friends and a political and social philosophy to embrace the revolutionary life'.
used the term: to fashion an apologetics that exploited the idea of human frailty and the notion of original sin to justify inertia and lack of will while quixotically celebrating America as the best of all possible worlds.
The point of Liu's tactics is not to quixotically restore some semblance of a lost temporal or historical continuum--least of all a positivist one--but to find an artistic paradigm capable of brooking, perhaps even illuminating, the endless disturbances of the present.
Following the path of critics who have cited Cervantine resonances in Galdos, Ciallella sees an ironic reversal of Don Quijote in Tristana, with "a quixotically sympathetic, double-voiced heroine"; a male protagonist (or antagonist), Don Lope, who "shows a powerful affinity with the Duchess, through both characters' applications of proverbs and maxims, and their ostensibly whole yet privately decaying bodies"; and a love object, Horacio, who "fluctuates between the invalidated domestic arguments of Teresa Panza .
Some locate this moment in the vast popular response to Ken Burns's television series on the Civil War; in any event, the "history" and "biography" menu on A&E and the History Channel, and on PBS, is not furnished by those who are quixotically determined to lose money for integrity's sake.
Mr Hirschfeld threw himself into the already splintered case when he quixotically offered the purse if Mrs Jones would drop all claims against Presdient Clinton.
The self is his shibboleth, his beginning point, and so he finds himself defending it tenaciously, if somewhat quixotically, since he faults skepticism for relying on "the will to power" and thus recognizing in skepticism a version of the self.
Weill quixotically hoped that on the Broadway stage he could both thumb his nose at ossified "high" art and try to create multilayered musical forms for as many people as possible.
Untitled (Ronald Reagan's 1983 Budget), 1983, quixotically compares the artist's expenditures (on sneakers and cassette tapes) with Reagan's $770 trillion budget of that year.
You're supposed to find your particular Megaline's brisk lady and coalesce around her as she herds a growing ectoplasm of Nadirites out to buses that will ferry you to the piers and what you quixotically believe will be immediate and hassle-free boarding.
Perhaps nothing that reflects on his fitness to hold the office he so quixotically seeks.