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Like Bultmann, who doubts "whether the scientific world-view can perceive the whole reality of the world and of human life" (Mythology 38), modern Spain's apostle of Quixotism (12) affirms that faith, rather than science alone is a redemptive answer to mankind's spiritual dilemma (Vida 246).
Gines notes the irony that Colonel Sellers's quixotism is forward-looking rather than reactionary, but provides no rationale for placing him alongside more traditionally Southern Quixotes such as Quentin Compson, or for how such contradictory quixotism came about at all.
43) Further on in The Sowers, it is only Prince Paul's half-English inheritance that saves him from becoming overly caught up in the fate of the peasants on his estate: "A British coldness of blood damped as it were the Russian quixotism which would desire to see result follow upon action -- to see the world make quicker progress than its Creator had decreed.
PLUCIENNIK, Jaroslaw, 'Princess Antonomasia, Individualism, and the Quixotism of Culture: A Case of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne', in Kosecki, Krzysztof, ed.
immense topic of Quixotism in eighteenth-century fiction; the other is
Financially the paper was, small surprise, a disaster; even Coleridge acknowledged "my Don Quixotism in expecting that the public will ever pretend to understand my lucubrations.