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HOLLOL BANANAS: Aptlynamed quiz show whose title translates as Totally Bananas, in which quiz-master Iestyn Garlickwas dressed as a White Hunter, complete with pith helmet, while his assistants wore gorilla costumes.
Quiz-Master Games Ltd, based at Offchurch, near Leamington, has developed www.
Businesses can write their own questions, get ideas from HyperBanner's catalog of pre-defined questions, or visit Quiz-Site, Trivia, or Quiz-Master Web sites.
back as quiz-master was former Bayern Munich, Celtic and Aston Villa player Alan McInally.
Boro TV/Century fm presenter Alastair Brownlee and BBC Radio Cleveland commentator Paul Addison will be quiz-masters for the night, while it is again hoped that a team of former players will take on the fans.