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The quizzers or the committee can ask the official to provide information related to the subject in question through a written request to the chairman ahead of the session.
But most of all, it's the thrill of pitting one's wits against the world's best quizzers (last year's BrainBuster was won by Pat Gibson, a quizzing champion who has won many prizes including the top Au 1000,000 in Britain's Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?
The slate features a breadth of topics ranging from vocabulary contests to cat competitions, knowledge quizzers to live reality challenges, dating situations to provocative discussions.
Financial Analyst Quizzer can help candidates who are learning the subject matter to learn how to take the Exam.
And although Mr Kerr is an experienced quizzer he puts his latest success down to a pair of lucky shoes he bought bef ore the show.
I have a reputation of being a good quizzer among my friends but never expected to win.
A TEESSIDER quizzer hopes to prove he has not only the brains, but the nerve to be crowned champion of a notoriously difficult show.
A PUB quizzer was held prisoner in his flat and robbed at knifepoint by a gang who attacked him on his own doorstop.
Pradeep Atmaram:Thinking quizzer A graduate from the Bangalore University, Pradeep Atmaram had the best of Bengaluru's companies to choose from as a career, but this young man chose to walk a different path and pursue his passion.
He's a professional quizzer, best-known for his appearances on the BBC show Eggheads where he regularly demolishes teams of amateurs sent to try their luck against him and his fellow quiz champions.