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The quizzer should not repeat the same questions, while questioning should take place after eight days from the day of request and may be advanced if the official requests it.
Paragraph two of Article (150): The quizzing will be cancelled automatically if the quizzer fails to attend the session.
Kevin Ashman is ranked the UK's and the world's strongest quizzer, having won the British title eight times, the European title five times and the World title four times.
WAR OF THE WORDS is a vocabulary quizzer which plays on the fact that words have more than one meaning.
The whole nation can compete against each other to find out who is the best quizzer in the country.
KEEN quizzers at the Nelson Club in Stockton have now raised more than PS1,000 for the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance service.
It gives quizzers a chance to test -- or show off -- their individual prowess, and the quiz master an opportunity to ask questions that wouldn't work in a live quiz, such as "Does New Delhi lie north or south of the Tropic of Cancer?
After a closely fought contest the top quizzers on the night were Harrison Clark Rickerbys' own Business Services Team, with HSBC Bank coming second, and St Philips Chambers in third place.
Pub quizzers Jim and Keith play together in a bid to win the top prize of PS100,000.
Watchdog BBC1, 8pm It''s been announced that Anne Robinson is planning to step down from Weakest Link, meaning would-be quizzers around the country can breathe a sigh of relief.
but most were ignored; Keep calling: Presenter urges quizzers to phone but games went on for hours
At the parliamentary select committee yesterday quizzing the quizzers about the fairness of their practices and adequacy of their safeguards, it also became apparent that although some shows prevent callers from entering more than 150 times (considered to be a safeguard against wholly irresponsible play by addicts who can least afford the phone bills) anyone attempting to play more is blocked from the queue - but ends up paying anyway.