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Natasha continued to lean out of the window for a long time, beaming at him with her kindly, slightly quizzical, happy smile.
Hilda looked appreciatively at the Professor's alert face, with so many kindly lines about the mouth and so many quizzical ones about the eyes.
The Story Girl joined us with a quizzical smile on her face.
You needn't think it an unmanly or quizzical thing to be particular about your nightcap, for I have often heard your poor dear papa, and the Reverend Mr What's- his-name, who used to read prayers in that old church with the curious little steeple that the weathercock was blown off the night week before you were born,--I have often heard them say, that the young men at college are uncommonly particular about their nightcaps, and that the Oxford nightcaps are quite celebrated for their strength and goodness; so much so, indeed, that the young men never dream of going to bed without 'em, and I believe it's admitted on all hands that THEY know what's good, and don't coddle themselves.
Lute's eyes were quizzical as she asked with a tentativeness that was palpably assumed, "With--a--with Mr.
The woman's face seemed to grow quizzical, though the pleasantness did not abate.
Burke's mother demands to know, conjuring up an image of Cristina as some kind of Mrs Potato Head - unclipping her trademark pained, quizzical expression and swapping it for something rather jauntier.
A quizzical Duke of Edinburgh looked on as the white globes rose into the air and formed seemingly random patterns the height of London's new Stock Exchange building.
As far as the coaching staff, quizzical looks are given when asked about conservative play-calling, but of UCLA's 26 first-down plays against Cal, 21 were running plays that netted 85 yards.
Sutcliffe's performance is mesmerising throughout - assured, funny and subtle while the playful quizzical nature of the clown is captured in enchanting music by Peter Churchill.
Her expression varies, subtly at first, from impassive to angry to quizzical to just barely off guard.
The firm's creative industries team, led by associate and Mackenzie fan Laura Harper, was brought in to negotiate the state's complex liability laws in advance of his quizzical kids sculpture being installed at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.