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COIN, commerce, contracts. A piece of gold, silver or other metal stamped by authority of the government, in order to determine its value, commonly called money. Co. Litt. 207; Rutherf. Inst. 123. For the different kinds of coins of the United States, see article Money. As to the value of foreign coins, see article Foreign Coins.

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Cases of violent trauma from the Later Stone Age of South Africa Age Case Sex (years) Quoin Point (8) Female 20 - 30 Modder River (10) -- 12 - 13 -- 6 - 7 -- 1 - 1.
Quoin will expand the newsletter's delivery methods to include fax, e-mail, and intranet information licensing.
Quoin Rock's 194 hectares are set in the country's most valuable agricultural land in the foothills of the Simonsberg Mountain.
Inside, the centrally-heated, mainly double-glazed house with feature quoin stones and unusually-shaped porthole windows, has a surprising amount of living space.
Well done to John Quoin who won on Wednesday night outright after beating Peter "The Dark Horse" Meegan heads up.
The Hayzlett Companies (Sioux Falls, SD), a marketing and media firm specializing in the graphic arts, technology and communications industries, has acquired Graphic Communications World (GCW) newsletter from Quoin Communications (Port Orchard, WA).
The Du Quoin City Council has given approval for an agreement to use $200,000 from the newly created Rt.
The book was printed by Quoin Publishing, off North Street, and was self funded.
Increasing details/design options to personalize the home, including custom arches, window sills, quoin corners, artistic brick designs above doorways and other locations
It has been finished to the highest standard inside and out, including quoin stone gables, monobloc driveway, timber sun deck, UPVC double glazed windows, hardwood flooring and deep plaster coving.
Along with the square pegs reinforcing the cribbage system, distortion of the square form into a trapezium is made difficult and provides far greater strength than quoin systems in rubble walls.