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In the three-year period shown in the accompanying chart, Iran was only within its quota for a solitary month and that was because OPEC had just raised the quota and Iran could not raise its output swiftly enough in the first month to exceed its quota
Member countries having no less than 70 percent of the total of quotas have to consent in writing to the increase in quotas; and
Justice Muhammad Khalid Mehmood Khan passed the short order while allowing petitions filed by Muhammad Arif Idrees and tour operators, to the extent of additional Haj quota only.
With the new allocation, KIA's accumulated investment quota as a qualified foreign institutional investor (QFII) reached USD 1.
The State Building, Good Governance, and Rights and Freedoms committees in the NDC all convened to discuss the women's quota, which, if passed, would require 30% of officials to be women across all branches of government.
The dairy quota regime will be abolished on 1 April 2015, and to facilitate a smooth transition the 2008 CAP Health Check agreed that there should be a gradual increase in quotas (+1% every year) until quota year 2013/14.
CYPRIOT-flagged trawlers will be able to fish less bluefin tuna this year, after the European Commission reduced the threshold because the island had exceeded quotas last year.
The European Commission had proposed to cut the EU quota for turbot by 15%, to 74 tonnes.
CONTROVERSIAL EU plans for minimum quotas of women on company boards were postponed last night after running into tough opposition within the European Commission.
According to national declarations, Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus and Luxembourg exceeded their national quotas by a total of 283 000 tons, despite the 1% quota increase in the year 2011/2012 decided in the framework of the 2008 CAP Health Check.
The appointments are made on regional quota basis, he pointed out.
This file with the now loved/ hated quota word lay buried through the regimes of successive Congress governments till for good or for bad it was dusted off by then prime minister V.