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The quoted passage is but one from an extensive address given by Washington, which in fact was not a speech delivered to any audience, but a published letter to the nation, paid for by George Washington himself, as he departed the then-capital to return to Mount Vernon.
He finds that most studies of biblical quotations concentrate on cross-book quotation, but others analyze the bare bones of the quotations isolated from the literary context of both the original and quoted passage.
As the unfortunately not-so-singular string of prepositions in the last quoted passage suggests, the execution isn't seamless.
Second, Nyvlt is sometimes careless about the exact meaning of a quoted passage.
What they claim to do, as the previously quoted passage emphasizes, is offer a kind of corporate self-help book.
Bicknell discusses the problem of reference in musical quotation as formulated by Goodman: it has to do with whether a quoted passage can be aurally marked as different from a passage that is merely contained by another without being quoted.
In the novel's most quoted passage, Austen explains Catherine's attractiveness: "To come with a well-informed mind, is to come with an inability of administering to the vanity of others .
After Obama's description of abortion "as a heart-wrenching decision with moral and spiritual dimensions," the most quoted passage of his Notre Dame address was a call to action, not debate:
Bicknell argues that a musical quotation can be distinguished from both coincidental similarities between works and plagiarism on the basis of intention (the composer does not mean for the audience to hear the quoted passage as his or her own unproblematically).
Second, the "as if" statements in the quoted passage demand the subjunctive "were," not "was" (as if seriousness were boring, etc.
The second quoted passage from the story had it backward.
I found three citation errors in the first four pages of the book: a quoted author not listed in Works Cited; an occasion when the author of a quoted passage is identified but not which one of her many works is being quoted; and a citation that is impossible to identify because it includes a short title of a work but no indication of the author (as it turned out, Northrop Frye).