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This record of long-term success has not been overlooked by the industry and Quotidian was rewarded at the start of 2018 with the accolade 'Leading Fund and Portfolio Adviser of the Year' in the most recent Acquisition International awards.
Quotidian Queer is similarly impelled by profound anxieties over the state of the nation--and, more precisely, over the reactionary posture to all matters sexual that appears to reign as God now.
She surveys black feminist thought from its beginnings in the quotidian lives of African-American women to its commitments outside the structures of black civil society.
And, I say, affably, steaming Cup in hand, leaning against the lobby wall, maybe this coffee is not unlike Jesus himself, who gave himself and his searing message to us freely, so that we might be awakened both to the vast holiness of the quotidian and to the promise of the savory cup of holy and joyous life to come.
Ethics is the moral philosophy of practice, of decisions faced in quotidian and- especially - professional life.
Given our members' quotidian experiences with the tax laws, it should come as no surprise that TEI supports efforts to improve and simplify the Internal Revenue Code.
In this essay I will argue that Yusuf's talent for "poetization of the familiar and the quotidian," as Ghazoul aptly put it ("The Poetics of the Political Poem," 117), lies largely in his capability of creating a poetic diction of his own - a linguistic synthesis that blends al-Fusha and al-'Ammiyya.
Exposed at his most vulnerable, like a newly separated Siamese twin without his faithful Ursus Mark VI, Hurtubise draws his two nine-inch knives and reverts to the definitive siege mentality that saved him from "The Old Man" at 20, and now saves him every day from the crippling quotidian and mundane.
The deep truth is betrayed by images; the quotidian life and the 'integrity of actual objects' is impoverished by transformation into metaphor.
Unlike the Beats, however, his poetry was often apolitical, whimsical, and steeped in the quotidian.
Together with the Book of Changes, these concepts were applied to the determination of lucky days for weddings, journeys, and all the other decisions of quotidian activity.
THE start of 2016 sees Stratfordupon-Avon fund management firm Quotidian Investments celebrating another year of marketbeating success, during which its flagship fund, the Quotidian Growth Fund, outperformed the FTSE by over 20% in the previous year.