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As its Emersonian epigraph intimates, Quoting Shakespeare threads together a timely book.
Instant Quote Professional's proven quoting engine is now even easier to use than before, with new methods, such as the quote template, for quickly adding the parts you need to complete your quote or invoice.
Once a suitable RFQ has been identified, the Quote Wizard guides the estimator through the quoting process.
Instant quoting for term life, auto, homeowners, accident and health.
Job-estimating and quoting software for injection molders, introduced last summer by Mascon of Schaumburg, Ill.
The packages listed here are all stand-alone costing and quoting applications - as opposed to full-blown MRP II systems, which capture all sorts of data essential to understanding manufacturing cost structures.
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP-II) is an outgrowth of an earlier concept called Materials Resource Planning (MRP), and has expanded to encompass every facet of typical manufacturing operations: integrating quoting, production scheduling, inventory management, and accounting into one seamless operation.