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PEP is anti-rabies treatment administered after an exposure (such as bite, scratch and lick) to potentially rabid animal.
He said he saw with his own eyes at least 25 rabid dogs walking around in the province on Thursday.
Of 19 transported rabid pets, 8 (42%) had no rabies vaccination, pet passport, or health certificate.
Animals often acquire rabies by eating or coming into contact with a rabid bat, officials said.
It came from the mouth of the rabid dog of the region--Israel--that Iran is a threat to the world
Brown, the state's public health veterinarian, said data show there has been no increase in rabid animals in Massachusetts.
RABID considers how various cultures have responded to the disease from ancient Greek to modern times, and offer a detailed survey for any health or social issues holding.
The latest medical advice I've received is the medicos need the entire brain of the animal intact to examine, to see if it was rabid or not.
The dog, however, was found to be rabid and the child died an agonising death from infection several days later.
Generally we have at least two or three rabid horses.
This report summarizes the public health investigation, which used animal shelter records and public notification to identify possible human and animal contacts of the rabid dog.