race hatred

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Mr Haq said: "In the early days in Queensferry we were fine but then in 2015, when I had to let a number of staff go and took over running the store myself, the incidents of race hatred began.
The marchers have brought the country to the brink of a new era of race hatred.
Recently an 11-year-old boy was charged with race hatred.
BEN Eccleston helpfully reports (CT, July 14) the comments of Colleen Fletcher MP about the scourge of race hatred.
They discussed the Bible in the house of prayer and for an hour the killer also sat there full of race hatred, full of evil, yes they were seated with the devil who calmly shot them one by one, taking their lives with his 'birthday' gun.
Roof was a young man radicalised to race hatred who reportedly wanted to start a race war and who killed nine innocent people as his opening salvo.
Envy, race hatred, and the pre-history of the Holocaust.
Condemning the insults hurled at Kyenge, Idem has asked police to shut down certain neo-fascist websites under laws that forbid the spread or incitement of race hatred.
And Neath MP Mr Hain, a veteran campaigner against racism, added: "There should be no place in our society for race hatred.