race prejudice

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Race prejudice has shaped our history decisively; it now threatens to affect our future.
Sadly, McGaugh reminds the reader, superior service would not be enough to protect at least some members of the 442nd from unyielding race prejudice even after the war.
In doing so, he sheds light on how race prejudice and wage discrimination in Union ranks, along with Confederate threats to mistreat black prisoners, influenced patterns and timing of enlistment.
The last six months of my life in the army, living and suffering with these fellows, has done more for me to get rid of race prejudice than anything else could have done.
Class and race prejudice were everywhere, suffocating like the London fog.
Race prejudice, its encoding in legal codes, its practices between enslaved people and owners, shaped the lives of every person of African descent in the slave-owning Indian nations.
It was printed in the NAACP's magazine, The Crisis, with an introduction that recapped Einstein's achievements and noted that "he hates race prejudice because as a Jew he knows what it is.
The AMA's chief work of establishing common schools, normal schools, colleges, and Congregational missions in rural and urban southern black communities involved two interrelated goals--the abolition of race prejudice and expansion of economic and social opportunities for blacks; and assimilation of blacks into Anglo-Protestant culture.
He is not afraid to bust open a myth or twoathe social constructs of race and race prejudice
Nneka told a story based on her mother's diary that touched on race prejudice, childhood tragedies, the importance of education and the enduring strength of human spirit.
Marney understood that even as a social critic he himself was caught in the nexus of race prejudice as a photograph of him with a group of men in a hunting lodge powerfully illustrates.