race prejudice

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Class and race prejudice were everywhere, suffocating like the London fog.
The AMA's chief work of establishing common schools, normal schools, colleges, and Congregational missions in rural and urban southern black communities involved two interrelated goals--the abolition of race prejudice and expansion of economic and social opportunities for blacks; and assimilation of blacks into Anglo-Protestant culture.
Nneka told a story based on her mother's diary that touched on race prejudice, childhood tragedies, the importance of education and the enduring strength of human spirit.
Marney understood that even as a social critic he himself was caught in the nexus of race prejudice as a photograph of him with a group of men in a hunting lodge powerfully illustrates.
In his autobiography written in 1929, Taylor wrote: "I was in Worcester only a short time before I realized that there was no such race prejudice existing among the bicycle riders there as I had experienced in Indianapolis.
When we protested against race prejudice in housing and sat in on private property, we were trying to put the law on trial and not evade the consequences of our actions.
That Constitution was deeply dyed in Victorian era race prejudice and simplistic notions of material progress.
He is African American, but this isn't a story about race prejudice and problems.
For example, while black Britons may harbour anti-white British prejudice and stereotype all whites, and even act out their race prejudice or exhibit race animus from time to time, it is white Britons who are in the position to discriminate systematically against their black compatriots.
5) If and only if that could not be proven, then one could argue for race prejudice, psychological needs for sexual domination, sadism, feelings of paternalism, or aristocratic pretension, or a host of other non-economic factors which made whites own black slaves.
There is no place on earth where race prejudice does not exist.