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Director Marketing BFW, Nazim Abbas unfolding the distinctive features of the garments, said that "It is top class fire proof imported fabric that provides full protection to car racers and motorbike riders".
Speed Racer is based on the first Japanese animation to cross over into US television - Tatsuo Yoshida's creation began in 1967 as a 52-episode series originally titled 'Mach Go Go Go'.
Mind-blowing effects create an edge-of-your-seat experience, but does the growing reliance on computer wizardry in films like Speed Racer detract from plot and character?
The EZ-Rocket has a top speed of about 225 mph; the racers will hit speeds of 320 mph.
Racing recumbents, also called low racers, are known for their funky shell, which protects the rider's body in case of an accident, and boosts the bike's speed.
In order to ensure five-nines reliability, the Power Racer features 2+1 450W, load-sharing, redundant power supplies.
In the end, it all come down to Swiss racer Marius Strobel versus American racer Gary Cross.
False auto-theft reports, staged accidents and phony vandalism claims are among the scams used by street racers to defraud insurers, the bureau reports.
The interest and acceptance of Linux as a mainstream operating system platform is steadily increasing as eBusiness becomes a mandatory business model for companies doing business in the 21st Century," stated Racer President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Mahmoodi.
Competitors divide into groups of five (including at least one woman), and if any one racer drops out the whole team is disqualified.
Kuwaiti veteran racer Salah Bin Edan and his Slovenian co-driver, who dominated the first and second rounds of the tournament, retreated to the second place in the third round.