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Some rachitic lesions can remodel (Pettifor and Daniels 1997), and thus an individual's episode of vitamin D deficiency could be lost to the bioarcheologist, but oftentimes some or many of the lesions remain, possibly in a less severe form indicative of some remodeling.
Similarly, our patient demonstrated worsening rachitic changes in the ileum and proximal femoral metaphyses between 2 and 6 months of age.
Rachitic, an inflammation of the spine, is the biggest hindrance in this village.
The radiograph on 14th day showed improvement in bone density, healing of fractures and mineralization of rachitic lesions (Fig.
Examination for weight, height/length and clinical features of rickets including rachitic rosary, wide anterior fontanel, and wide wrist and ankle joints, bowing of legs was done in all patients.
Collectively, only 13% of the children had vitamin D levels in the optimal range, while 33% had levels from 30 to 39 ng/mL, 35% had levels from 20 to 29 ng/mL, 16% had levels from 10 to 19 ng/mL, and 3% had levels less than 10 ng/mL--the level at which rachitic changes may occur.
At the turn of the 20th century, rickets was common in Europe and North America, and women often died in childbirth due to 'rachitic pelvis'--caesareans became established partly to manage this.
The thoracic cage shows thoracic kyphosis (rachitic cat-back), thickening of the costochondral junctions (rachitic rosary) and pectus carinatum.
If postnatal vitamin D deficiency caused autism, then rachitic children would be at greater risk for the disease.
This manifestation of severe vitamin D deficiency causes skeletal deformities, such as bowed or knocked knees and bony knobs along the ribs, known as rachitic rosary.
They presented with tetany, bony deformities such as bowed legs, widening of wrists and ankles, and rachitic rosary.
Huysmans cannot over-belittle Adrien and Cyprien, for between them they caress many of his artistic preferences: for the depiction of splenetic landscapes and rachitic humanity, and their very bourgeois bourgeoisophobia.