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The five essays that make up Prendergast's volume plot the "intersections" between racial politics and educational practice and, in so doing, shed a great deal of light on the nature and intent of current educational initiatives and controversies.
CAUSE AND EFFECT: How did Supreme Court rulings in the 1990s influence the way local school districts pursued racial integration?
Can students imagine a public demonstration in 2004 in which protesters equate racial integration in public schools with Communism or being anti-Christian?
The basic premise of affirmative action is that, given the long-standing and deeply-rooted cultural stigma attached to factors such as dark skin color, racial minorities and others will continue to suffer social exclusion without concerted, conscious, and deliberate efforts to incorporate them into public life.
Quite admirably, Kennedy recognizes that his hostility toward race matching is analytically inseparable from opposition to racial preference programs.
Unfortunately, there are often limited opportunities for racial and ethnic minorities to receive training in CAM research due to a lack of resources at their home institutions, a lack of opportunities to develop the research skills via both didactic training and interactions with a critical mass of CAM research scientists, and a lack of state-of-the-art technology relevant to CAM.
Although The Anatomy of Racial Inequality sheds some light on his conspicuous change of heart, Loury, to his credit, does not dwell on his personal odyssey.
But racial profiling and stopping people based on their appearance is constitutionally offensive.
If we believe that increased visibility in the media leads to increased racial tolerance in everyday life, this should be progress, yes?
How then does their use constitute racial stereotyping?
He later invoked the occupants of those living rooms, again pressing racial buttons.