racial balance

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Also troubling for the DOJ's case was the fact that the program actually had slightly improved the levels of racial balance.
that an employer maintain a racial balance in the workforce.
From the theoretical orientation of critical race theory, she investigates how school administrators, federal courts, civil rights lawyers, and local political actors viewed and reacted to the issue of segregated public school faculties and staff during the school desegregation era and the issue of racial balance among teachers as a measure of equality of educational opportunity for African American students; the influence of local and state contexts of social history, demographics, and politics on the development and implementation of faculty and staff desegregation; and the ways in which school officials and teachers perceived and responded to faculty desegregation.
Thanks to court rulings against basing enrollment on ethnicity and to significant cutbacks in magnet school funding, Worcester back in 2005 essentially abandoned its decades-long effort of voluntarily maintaining racial balance in its schools.
Arkansas is required by a 1989 settlement to fund magnet schools, transfers between districts and other programs to support desegregation and keep a racial balance in the three school districts.
Thus, there were two possible ways to view the Law School's attempt to achieve critical mass: as an impermissible attempt to achieve some preconceived notion of racial balance in the Law School for its own sake, which is "patently unconstitutional" (156) or as the Court held, as an effort to achieve the educational benefits of racial diversity in higher education.
If allowed to remain a goal, UT and hundreds of other schools will be permitted to racially gerrymander every classroom in order to achieve proportional racial balance.
If all of Cuba's exiles returned, the island's racial balance would look much like it did in the mid-20th century.
The explosion in Yugoslavia and the wars there could have constituted a threat against the religious and racial balance in the neighboring European countries.
The study called for universities to actively monitor the number of students recruited from different groups "take responsibility" for improving the racial balance.
By contrast, the Court maintained in Grutter that a program aimed at creating racial balance alone would be "patently unconstitutional.