racial balance

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After Brown, many school districts began to bus students so they could achieve court-ordered desegregation, which essentially created affirmatively gerrymandered attendance zones designed to achieve racial balance.
61) Thus, if evidence demonstrates that a racial classification or other racially motivated state action is based on an illegitimate assumption or belief, racial politics, or a purpose to achieve racial balance, then the state action is unconstitutional per se, without subjecting the state action to strict scrutiny analysis.
At the same time, programmers have begun to come together to shift the gender and racial balance of the plays that get produced.
The allegations come six months after Students for Fair Admissions group argued in a federal lawsuit that Harvard uses preferences to reach specific racial balance on its campuses, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Also troubling for the DOJ's case was the fact that the program actually had slightly improved the levels of racial balance.
that an employer maintain a racial balance in the workforce.
Specifically, he cites a situation in which one school's racial balance was thought to be markedly different than the overall district.
Conversely, the Girl Scouts had their first African American troop in 1917, and by the 19505, racial balance was the norm.
Both men opposed busing to achieve racial balance as well as abortion.
From the theoretical orientation of critical race theory, she investigates how school administrators, federal courts, civil rights lawyers, and local political actors viewed and reacted to the issue of segregated public school faculties and staff during the school desegregation era and the issue of racial balance among teachers as a measure of equality of educational opportunity for African American students; the influence of local and state contexts of social history, demographics, and politics on the development and implementation of faculty and staff desegregation; and the ways in which school officials and teachers perceived and responded to faculty desegregation.
Thanks to court rulings against basing enrollment on ethnicity and to significant cutbacks in magnet school funding, Worcester back in 2005 essentially abandoned its decades-long effort of voluntarily maintaining racial balance in its schools.