racial harmony

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There were speeches over the need for racial harmony, that the US was divided as never before since the dark days of the 1960s equal-rights movements, and that largely white law enforcement officers were literally getting away with murder when it came to the shootings and killings of mostly unarmed black men.
Among the pictures in question are happy punks in the city centre, a march for racial harmony and a blaze at Highfield Road.
As Singapore's storied first prime minister, Lee's unwavering dedication to religious tolerance and racial harmony are admirable and praiseworthy," said Shira Loewenberg, director of AJC's Asia Pacific Institute.
He should have done more to focus on the future, promoting racial harmony, rather than perpetuating the "them and us" divide.
WE hear a lot about racial harmony and community cohesion today but I'd like to take you back to the 1970s when I was a young Irishman living in Birmingham.
He fears that ghettos will soon spring up in a city once renowned for its multicultural mix and racial harmony.
Ukip has taken this European election campaign to a new low and it is time all of us who are committed to racial harmony and the intrinsic creativity that comes from diverse peoples living and working together to speak out against their poisonous campaign.
Nelson Mandela's grandchildren (L-R) Adjoa Amuah, Mbuso, Zondwa and Tukwini work on a garden as they celebrate Mandela Day with 67 minutes of public service to honour the 67 years Mandela served humanity by first fighting against white-minority rule and then consolidating racial harmony when he was president, at the SOS children's home in Mamelodi township outside Pretoria on July 18.
Contract awarded for west spring secondary school is calling for quotations to provide a half day (0830 to 1230) learning journey on racial harmony in singapore.
The 'Don't Just Say It, Spray It' project aims to improve young people's understanding and knowledge of hate crime and give them an opportunity to explore their artistic flare and create banners that promotes racial harmony.
Summary: KUALA LUMPUR: A high school text book that highlights multi-ethnic Malaysia's racial harmony has riled the main ethnic Indian party, which wants it banned because it refers to the Hindu caste system, an official said Monday.
A TYNESIDE campaigner has narrowly missed out on a top award for his work in promoting racial harmony.