racial prejudice

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But her justification of folklore in Their Eyes is framed in oddly rationalist terms: In touch with nature and aware of its awesome power for both creation and destruction, the tribal lore of the Indians and Bahamians is actually more rational than white, Western thought, since the latter is fettered with illogical racial prejudices and a magical belief that money and technology can conquer natural forces.
We grew up in Wade, North Carolina, a village of about 1,000 people, during the 1940s and 1950s, when rumblings of racial prejudice were in the air, but before the tumultuous civil rights struggles of the 1960s.
If solutions to slavery and racial equality had been debated as local problems that could be resolved by educating slaves or free blacks and converting white minds from racial prejudice, then women s antislavery actions would not likely have differed from the myriad other female benevolent endeavors in the antebellum years.
Although at first glance it might seem that sufficient steps have been taken to address racial prejudice in the US criminal justice system by broadening minority representation in the jury pool, but as Edelman (litigation consultant, Jury Research Institute) argues this is perhaps more insidious because of the way that it focuses attention on the symbolic legality of criminal procedure, rather than on its biased outcomes.
Once Two Heroes is a grim story about how racial prejudice can turn ordinary people into monsters, robbing both the victims and oppressors of their humanity.
He adapts psychological theories of racial prejudice from Lawrence Kubie and others.
His big break came with the controversial ``Home of the Brave,'' which attacked racial prejudice in the military.
BRITISH Airways has warned staff about racial prejudice after paying teenage sprinter Melanie Purkiss an estimated pounds 2,000 compensation.
Racial prejudice, adult language and a sex scene restrict this to mature YAs and adults.
Price exposes some of the writings and teachings from the past that have rationalized and perpetuated racial prejudice and division in the church and American society.
Eriksson admitted he needs fans to warm to a black player in order to address the racial prejudice rife among the club's supporters.