racial prejudice

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Differentiation of the in-group and out-group can lead to distorted attitudes that enhance racial prejudice.
His book is organized into three parts that challenge the history of how we think about and seek to contain racial prejudice, the psychological underpinnings of implicit racial biases, and the data that reveals implicit racial biases.
Does merely professing Christian beliefs rid one of racial prejudice and the motivation to discriminate against others who may be racially or ethnically distinct?
If racial prejudice is at odds with the American Dream, what about racial pride and racial preferences?
In contemporary western societies, explicit forms of racial prejudice - which supposes beliefs in the inferiority of the discriminated group and a rejection of intimate contact with the members of this group are being replaced by more subtle forms.
Set amongst the simmering racial tensions of Los Angeles, several intertwining stories expose the racial prejudice that engulfs the city.
The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has accused the Government of still not doing enough to tackle racial prejudice in society.
The anthology begins with two children's short stories written in the thirties that both demonstrate the naivety of children when it comes to racial prejudice, illustrating that racial prejudice is a learned behavior.
It seems unlikely that a third of white people have been the victims of direct racial prejudice.
Asked by a Washington Post-ABC News poll if they had at least some feelings of racial prejudice, 30 per cent of white respondents and 34 per cent of African-Americans polled answered "yes.
Set in 1930s Chicago, Native Son follows Bigger Thomas, a black man who has grown up amid extreme racial prejudice and persecution all his life, and matured into an utter sociopath.