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Considine hopes the paper will raise awareness of the racialization of Islam in the U.
While the more recent dispersal to Sunshine destinations like Central Florida initially provided some level of optimism, more recent evidence suggests racialization pressures and stalled progress.
Racialization from the Colonial period to the present time
Ultimately this process results in the "'commodity of racism' (Hall) [that] is a self-fulfilling prophecy in which American Jewish filmmakers participate in the stereotyping and racialization of their own identity" (142).
Nonetheless, The Predicament of Blackness is a bold and insightful book and, particularly in its thick descriptions of Accra and other Ghanaian spaces, it offers a valuable and convincing description of how Ghana--and consequently larger senses of Africa--fits within the global politics of racialization and white privilege.
This racialization has a mutually constitutive relationship with heteronormative and homonormative formations in which understandings of Australian national identity and culture are increasingly and contradictorily linked to "inclusive" sexual and gender politics (Nicoll, 2001)--often set against orientalized others, imagined to be illiberal or even essentially homophobic (Abraham, 2009; Yue, 2012).
Paradoxically for a people whose history is replete with racial persecutions, Israel's Zionism itself articulates "the Jewish race," constructing a homogeneous "Jewish people" despite obvious Jewish heterogeneities, with Jewish self-and-other racialization an integral part of the Zionist ideology (Falk 2006).
In his text Dispensable and Bare Lives, Walter Mignolo works on the genealogies of racialization within what he calls the European "colonial matrix".
I believe that it would be a more convincing argument if Hackett would offer a nuanced conceptual discussion on the role of historical particularities alongside providing up-to-date evidence regarding the so-called disconnection between Muslim immigrants' employment, housing, and education measures and their lived experiences of racialization and discrimination.
In other words, it is seductive to engage race and racialization while dwelling within a conceptual space where such engagements are reduced to forms of discourse that are in conversation with themselves.
Marina Grzinic and Sefik Tatlic, Necropolitics, Racialization, and Global Capitalism.