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The on-the-ground reality of the British state's response to unwanted racialized others must be situated within a broader "global hierarchy of mobility" (Bauman 1998, 151) in which the vast majority of the world's population does not have access to regularized routes for migration.
This article focuses on the CPD's multiaward winning GIS crime mapping application, CLEARmap, to reinterpret the rise of digital crime maps from the standpoint of racialized carceral power.
In this way, much of the fundamental constructs of modernity in Europe were developed in contrast with a racialized "non-Europe" whereby the latter is often regarded as not fully human, irrational, and pre-modern (Cole, 2017).
Although the authors may share racialized identities, their viewpoints, and their political and theoretical positions can and do differ, and at times even conflict.
Throughout European history, Jews suffered racialized anti-Semitic violence and this led to forced assimilation.
The majority of the study participants identified themselves not only as immigrants but also as racialized.
Among the many fascinating contributions of the book, I found one of the most arresting to be Lowe's suggestion in her voluminous discursive footnotes that contemporary neoliberalism, with its emphasis on "human capital" around the world, needs to be linked with its prehistory of racialized commodification of people (196-98).
They are likely to stay on the front pages for some time, given developments such as the rampant xenophobia in the contest for the Republican Presidential nomination in the United States, the anti-immigrant backlash in Europe, the crisis created by refugees coming across the Mediterranean, and police aggression against racialized peoples in a number of countries.
It is within this racialized context of seeming global despair that we conceived of this special issue on the topic of "Educational Leadership Against Racism.
How such racialized bodies are marked or unmarked will make a deep existential difference in the lives of those bodies.
If we believe and aspire to justice, in this moment we must denounce the violence of the racialized capitalist state in the strongest terms available to us.
What is the relationship between education debt and gendered, racialized and classed stratification?