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Among the topics are the racialization and racial identities of Hispanics and Latinos, the lynching of people of Mexican origin in the US 1848-1928, racializing the language practice of US Latinos and its impact on their education, conflict and cooperation between Blacks and Latinos in two global cities, and the extension of racial boundaries from receiving to sending societies.
He avers that blackness, as a category of racialized and cultural otherness, can only be seen by white eyes, using a mode of racializing viewing that I shall describe as the gaze, and acknowledges that the black subject sees blackness differently, in a mode that I shall call the look.
Historicizing as well as racializing the meaning of hysteria, and therefore recontextualizing it, Hopkins interprets that syndrome to include the sexual, violent traumas of racist rape and incest that are the heritage of African American women.
I want to suggest that it is through this racializing gaze that Bigger is confined to his "place.