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Supt Tom Coughlan said police were treating the incident as a racially aggravated crime and urged Muslims to remain calm.
The police chief confirmed the murder was being treated as a racially aggravated crime.
"Any victim of a racially aggravated crime will feel the lasting effects and there must continue to be a zero tolerance approach to these crimes.
"We are treating this as a racially aggravated crime. We are working hard to identify the children responsible."
"We are treating this as a racially aggravated crime. Neighbourhood officers have spoken to the girls' mother, have made local enquiries and are continuing to work hard in the area to identify the children responsible and their parents.
"I take racially aggravated crime extremely seriously.
And the Chancellor wants to make support for terrorism an aggravating factor which judges can take into account when passing sentence, as they currently do with racially aggravated crime.
Many have been on the receiving end of racially aggravated crime.
"Merseyside Police takes all racially aggravated crime very seriously and will not tolerate such behaviour.
Children as young as 10 have committed robberies, motoring offences and racially aggravated crime, the Youth Justice Board statistics reveal.
"The assumption by CPS of statutory responsibility for charging offenders next month will enable us, in partnership with the police, to build strong cases against those appropriately charged with religiously or racially aggravated crime.
Detection rates for racially aggravated crime went down although there was an increase in the actual number of crimes solved.