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It's been nearly 8 weeks since the 2013 telecast and people are still talking about how racy the whole thing was, but if it were up to Miley Cyrus it would've been a heck of a lot racier.
The 20-year-old, who was recently voted Maxim's top hottest woman of the year, has certainly been dressing racier lately, and showing why she made the number one spot.
First is the trendy and colourful Jam, then the elegant and sophisticated Glam, and finally Slam for buyers wanting a racier, sportier look.
He seems in good form and is a different type of horse from his brother, being a racier sort.
For the past decade Beijing has been encouraging state-run media to be more competitive and less reliant on state subsidies, which has led to more critical reporting and racier programming as outlets compete for readers and viewers.
It remains to be seen if viewers' 3D glasses steam up during "3D Sex and Zen's" racier moments, but the porn industry is desperate for a comeback after being sidelined by free product on the Internet, and 3D could be B.
Additional content that is a little edgier and more suggestive that lets users create some racier trailers.
But the musical's racier scenes could cause a problem as could the lack of British cakes to protect the actress' modesty, also more seriously, the country's decency law.
The second half became noticeably racier beginning with Wanna Be Starting Something and Beat It.
It is to the credit of her daughter, one of the editors, that racier passages were not censored.
Later covers are slicker and racier - near-naked women, gleaming guns and glimmering diamonds are popular motifs.
With sexy waitress Lila (Michelle Ryan) as their production manager and expert advice from the local video store guy, Joe and Baggy prepare to make a slightly racier version of their film.