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Crafty bluff: If you're looking for something a bit racier, avoid the tales and swat up on the wild life of Oscar.
Not only do ETFs sound racier than mutual funds with names like Diamonds and Spiders versus New Perspectives and Core Bonds these index tracking funds behave more like a stock.
Taking in the growth of popular newspapers, a taste for royal gossip and the birth of America, there's also a serious side which balances the racier element, all handled with the same light touch.
One in five middle-aged men believe a sportier car and a racier partner would help them reclaim their youth, researchers revealed today.
AS Becks splashes out on his new Harley, wife Victoria has got herself something even racier - sexy underwear.
All thanks to Rooney's nude scenes in the film, the actress showed off quite the potential to play a racier role as Ana in "Fifty Shades.
Heidi shows off her amazing body and discusses her racier side in the February issue of Marie Claire.
It is young, it is vibrant and if it was in a Christmas catalogue it would be at the racier end of the swimwear section.
He's not quite as robust - a racier type, if you like, although having said that there isn't much racier than Frankel.
Elizabeth, a sex counsellor for more than 20 years, says if Roy Hodgson's men progress in the contest it will get even racier.
The magazine, which once set the pace of political satire, was outwitted in the circulation department by the racier Private Eye and the schoolboyish Viz magazine.
THE sorry and costly saga of Dale Farm - admittedly a bit racier than The Archers - has only one possible ending: Eviction.