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Interestingly, Nancy Lane uses space, the theme of this study, to link Les Mots pour le dire and Au Pays de mes racines, finding that the physical journey recounted in the latter "is a spatial recapitulation of the internal journey begun twenty years earlier" (152).
The introduction of Frank Gehry into the mi x might in theory be calculated to induce an element of raciness and unpredictability, but he too has been obliged to conform to the dress code.
She said admiringly of McAuley that he "talks with a raciness, an Irish wit and shrewdness, coupled with an absolutely unmistakeable earnestness, which makes him the most fascinating speaker I ever heard.
The most colorful of the city's characters, as revealed in contemporary memoirs, process through the book in a narrative that aptly conveys some of the raciness of personalities unbowed by the juste milieu culture of a bourgeois monarchy.
This rhymed for me with Lowell's observation that Jarrell's essays "have the raciness and artistic gaiety of his own hypnotic voice.
Apart from the raunchy blues wailer ``Rocks in My Bed,'' performed by Ramsey and Derricks-Carroll with exhilarating comic abandon, the show's creators give a very wide berth to anything that might smack of sexual raciness or ethnic caricature - an understandable instinct that nonetheless cramps their material.
Histories of sexuality can no longer afford to rely on raciness to draw readers' attention (or to raise reviewers' eyebrows).
Decision-makers apparently felt "Roseanne" needed to incorporate more raciness, become more like "Melrose" or "Beverly Hills 90210.
This metamorphosis was engineered by showmen who managed to produce an entertainment refined enough to attract the middle class Victorian family, yet one which still maintained an element of raciness in order to attract the patrons of the old concert saloons.
I think the spur addition to the triggerguard adds class to the gun and lends a certain raciness to it.
A song that was meant to sweetly teeter on the edge of innocence and raciness has become tarnished, through no fault of its own.
We have lots of raciness from Gavin & Stacey's Sheridan, who plays the role of Titania.