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RACK, punishments. An engine with which to torture a supposed criminal, in order to extort a confession of his supposed crime, and the names of his supposed accomplices. Unknown in the United States.
     2. This instrument, known by the nickname of the Duke of Exeter's daughter, was in use in England. Barr. on the Stat. 866 12 S. & R. 227.

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The German translator of the DVD subtitles for Finding Nemo, too, must have had access to the dubbing script as the identical translation of some of the character names suggests (cf Kahn, Puff, Racker, Luv).
1) L'elaboration est dite concordante (ELAB-Conc), [pour emprunter la terminologie de Racker (1953) et reprise par Kernberg (1965; 1993)], lorsque le therapeute conclut que ce qu'il a decouvert de son experience du transfert du patient correspond a ce qu'a pu vivre le patient dans le passe, ou a ce qu'il vit presentement dans la situation transferentielle.
Racker (1990) would call this a concordant identification: an empathic resonance of the therapist with the patient's experience.
The final two enhancements I really like in the Majestic make-over are their slide racker and proprietary Picatinny rail.
That process involves everything from the way Rackspace recruits and extensively interviews prospective Rackers, to the way it tests for and develops a Racker's specific strengths, to the way it empowers Rackers to spend time and money on customer issues, to the way it measures employee and customer engagement down to the support-team level, to the way it celebrates and rewards success.
The new Buckmarks have an improved grasping area, and there is now help for the older ones from Striplin Custom Guns called the Slide Racker.
8 Wisan, Smith, Racker & Audit/accounting, tax, business
Prior to that Duntle had ran a racker to finish fourth in the 1000 Guineas Trial at Leopardstown earlier in the year.
This was a performance of highlights from the company's repertoire and included Bintley's Still Life at the Penguin Cafe, Sugar Rum Cherry from The Nutc racker Sweeties and a world premier of Afrique, inspired by the company's recent visit to South Africa.
5 Regular Tooth Racker Set Is :5030 In 30 Mts Coil Miranda / Bipico Make Only Full Supply To Be Made With In One Month From The Date Purachase Order Unless Specified In The Purchaseorder.
If you carry your Ruger in a holster, you'll have to mount the racker facing out.
Des Barker, Utah Tourism Industry Coalition; Nan Anderson, Utah Tourism Industry Coalition; Joel Racker, Utah Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau; Connie Marshall, Alta Ski Area; Alan Hess, Hess Corporate Travel; Mike