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However, the racketeer is not simply an imaginary figure concocted by anti-union forces.
executives, in connection with giving benefits worth 88 million yen to a ''sokaiya'' corporate racketeer and his associates in violation of the Commercial Code, police said.
On the other hand, the AFL leaders must have weighed Pegler's animus against organized labor, including the columnist's tendency to lump broad categories of union leadership under the label racketeer.
In the scandal, two racketeers and a former Kubota executive were convicted.
The film-makers halted production for a short time before ploughing on with their job with pre-planned overnight shoots and did not play ball with the terrorist racketeers.
In accordance with recommendations from the authorities last spring, we have moved to end relations with firms associated with sokaiya racketeers," said Toyota.
NOW argued that Joseph Scheidler of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League and three other prominent activists had violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) by encouraging anti-abortion protests.
Japanese press reports said that four low-level Kirin executives were charged last week with allegedly paying extortionists a total of 33 million yen (over $300,000) to ensure that racketeers wouldn't disrupt Kirin's annual stockholders' meeting.
Operating under the bingo licenses of local charities, racketeers were generating millions of dollars a year in cash.
Supreme Court declaring that the use of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute - a law designed to combat drug dealers and organized crime - was wrongly used against the pro-life movement.
The sources said that the three executives arrested Monday -- Seiichi Ikura, 65, senior managing director, Norihiro Kanno, 59, head of the public relations department and a board member, and Masaru Kojima, 55, head of the real estate department and also a board member -- have decided to sell the strips of land below the market price to avoid trouble with racketeers, even though they were not for sale.
Sokaiya racketeers are a common fixture in the Japanese business world.