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Instantly, the racket behind used car imports ground to a halt.
The usual process of finding a right racket is very tiresome for any tennis player, as there are several deciding factors to consider before buying an ideal racket which is neglected by many.
All I've done before is pick up a racket and go 'Heavy or light?
Further studies should investigate other frame structures and different model/characteristics rackets for a more in-depth comparison.
A Mumbai- based punter told M AIL T ODAY that use of hundreds of mobile phones indicated that it was a major betting racket which placed bets worth hundreds of crores.
After having invented the polo shirt and the tennis-ball machine, Rene decided to patent two racket models that would change the face of world tennis too.
It's part of e Great British Tennis T Weekend, when over 1,000 venues across Britain open for four weekends - inspiring over 50,000 men, women and children to pick up a racket and hit the court - all without costing a penny.
Babolat, whose company is one of the oldest tennis equipment makers in the world having made the first animal gut strings in 1875, is convinced that within 10 years all rackets will be equipped this way.
More women are suspected to be associated with different gold smuggling rackets, and officials are also investigating into the suspicion that a woman and her two daughters were part of the smuggling racket.
A study investigating the influence of three different rackets on the upper limb muscle activity and the shoulder net joint moments and power during the flat tennis serve under field conditions was conducted.
Summary: A group in Queens, New York, create a 50ft high tennis racket.
Richard Chew, 46, said a guard told him the Dunlop rackets could be used on board as lethal weapons.