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For better or worse, the feminist art movement in Southern California in the 1970s viewed Goddess spirituality as "the rackety bridge" that would unite a group of individual feminist subjects into a collective other.
In a career that has encompassed everything from kung-fu film production to property development, Fung's masterstroke has been to redefine the commercial and cultural dynamics of the traditional cluttered, rackety Asian mall into a more upmarket East-West fusion, given lucid expression by Bing Thom's inventive architecture.
Overnight Lowell became a rackety English squire, complaining about taxes but enjoying "winey" evenings:
Those long rides in rackety rented school buses turned out to be worthwhile, both for young Satchel Paige and for the whole country.
On the way he discovers that the one constant in a rather empty, rackety life is his loyal friend and manager.
Chile's rustic port city Valparaiso seems stuck in a time-warp, like San Francisco in the United States during the 1950s: A labyrinth of streets; dilapidated, quirky architecture built into the hillsides; rackety elevator cars climbing sloping hills to panoramic views of the Pacific; the obligatory stray dog waiting at each corner.
He embarked on a rackety, hand-to-mouth Grub Street life, described fairly faithfully in the early career of Tom Llewellyn, the unwashed intellectual in Alms for Oblivion.
A word of thanks to Eric Stoltz and Frank Wood, life rafts of sanity and aural clarity in the Williamstown Theater Festival's rackety, mostly miscast and misdirected revival of Moss Hart's 1948 comedy-farce "Light Up the Sky.
The term paper is long gone; even a packrat such as I can't keep everything, but the memories are strong, from the first time I rode the rackety elevator to the seventh floor of 2018 Washington Ave.
The primitive biplane, a melange of fabric, plywood and yards of bracing wire, powered by a rackety 100-horsepower engine, chugged through the darkness towards the enemy's rear areas.
104), and, incidentally provides striking examples of the author's vigorous approach and lively style, as when he asserts that 'the most telling argument against the rackety kind of impressionistic inspection the Greenbergians do is that it's lousy historiographic method' (p.