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He embarked on a rackety, hand-to-mouth Grub Street life, described fairly faithfully in the early career of Tom Llewellyn, the unwashed intellectual in Alms for Oblivion.
Father and daughter have remained close despite Dennis's rackety past - three marriages, the womanising, the blokeish affection for football and the pub.
The term paper is long gone; even a packrat such as I can't keep everything, but the memories are strong, from the first time I rode the rackety elevator to the seventh floor of 2018 Washington Ave.
The primitive biplane, a melange of fabric, plywood and yards of bracing wire, powered by a rackety 100-horsepower engine, chugged through the darkness towards the enemy's rear areas.
someday when we are very old, have grandchildren, and you look back upon this rackety free-lance life you've led from the advantage of comfortable home and family we've built together, you will thank me.
Major's government to participation in the rackety ERM which again had the effect of deepening and prolonging the present depression unnecessarily.
Tenants are a rackety lot and rules obviously matter.
The writer described a "louche, rackety character" of "questionable morals", who "appeared to struggle to distinguish truth from fiction".
But he wrote and spoke about his illness with typical bluntness, telling Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman he found it "a bit of a yawn" and that his cancer had probably been caused by his "bohemian and rackety life".
Jim Broadbent, Matthew Macfadyen and Sam Claflin take on the three generations of Logan Gonzago Mountstuart and the "emotional, dramatic and rackety journey that is his long and tumultuous life".
To catch the boat, you fly to Singapore and on to Yangon before boarding a rackety plane which hovers above dense green jungles, with Burmese military men taking all the front seats.