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Combined with the speed of Memjet technology and print attributes of Racy Color Media application possibilities include water, wine or chemical bottle labels; meat, cosmetic or novelty packaging; drum labels; decals; bumper stickers and more.
Pat Redmond: Big Zeb "looked classy, racy and scopey" as a store at the Land Rover sale
And instead of splashing the cash at the bar, amorous Welsh ladies are opting to buy racy underwear, with sales at stores like Ann Summers going from strength to strength.
A spokesman for Tesco said: "The racy butlers will bare their brawn to push trolleys, carry baskets, pack and load shopping into cars.
It is a great service ( having my shopping carried and packed by these racy guys is a real incentive to take part.
She said 'Bottled Emotions,' [D/J '07, about a girl living with an alcoholic parent] was 'too racy.
It's a bit racy but not terribly raunchy, and lively fun to read, with a clear message about learning to discover oneself, reach out to others, and seize the day.
Birmingham-made radio serial The Archers has achieved record ratings thanks to its racy "Who's the daddy?
From Del and Sophi, a couple with a multitude of problems in their relationship, to Pearl a performer with a parasitic twin, an entity she both takes care of and envies; they are just a few of the racy pawns in this wild game of a story.
A Healthy Sexuality Resource because it was "too racy," the Halifax school board has approved its distribution with the proviso that parents of grades 7, 8 and 9 students must sign parental consent forms.
In this book, Racy draws on multiple perspectives and experiences to reveal the emotionally evocative and affective dimensions of Arabic music, as they manifest through a complex musical and cultural phenomenon known as tarab.