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Student's t-test was used to determine if heart rate (HR) differed between the pulse oximeter device and either an electrocardiogram (ECG) or manually obtained radial pulse rate.
4% respectively), each of whom underwent both HRV and manual radial pulse rate assessments during a single visit.
Patients referred for coronary catheterization that had a feeble radial pulse or attempt at cannulating radial artery failed were considered for transbrachial catheterization.
Radial pulse analysis at deep pressure in abnormal health conditions, Third International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics, 1007-1010.
Note: see illustration on this page for the correct way to take a radial pulse.
Bilaterally carotid, femoral, posterior tibial, dorsalis pedis, the right brachial and radial pulses were normal; however, the left radial and brachial pulses were weak.
The systolic blood pressure measurement can be estimated by placing the cuff on the forearm with the forearm supported at the level of the heart and palpating for the appearance of the radial pulse as the cuff is deflated.
17) In the multivariate analysis of Groups 1-3, the variables with the best predictive power for prehospital LSI in the MG were radial pulse along with the verbal and motor components of GCS.
Post reduction the radial pulse was present, although weak, and capillary refill had improved to one second.
The major clue to aortic dissection in our patient was inter-arm blood pressure and radial pulse difference.
If the respiratory rate is less than 30 bpm, check the radial pulse and capillary refill.