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In this algorithm local radial symmetry I(p) is mapped to transformed image s(p), denoted by P (x,y).
Through the calculation of the RMSE, the radial symmetry of the lens was checked and, for each target, a mean vignetting value was calculated from values captured in each quadrant.
Given its radial symmetry, it can move equally well in all directions.
urchins, miocidarids displayed nearly perfect radial symmetry, and a
Because of the circular channel's radial symmetry, very little layer rearrangement was expected to occur.
They could even add flowers cut of paper scraps to the ground beneath the tree to show radial symmetry.
Echinoderms are well known for the bilateral symmetry of their larvae and the pentamerous radial symmetry of the adults (e.
Become familiar with the following vocabulary words and their meanings: positive and negative space, tessellations, cool and warm colors, radial symmetry, complementary colors, harmony, balance, movement, polygon, repetition, pattern variety, visual rhythm, calligraphy.
Once they have experimented with mirror symmetry along a vertical axis, students explore mirror symmetry with multiple axes and radial symmetry with different numbers of rotations.
The N-way Wilkinson power divider/combiner utilizes a circular or radial symmetry and provides isolation and impedance matching.
I explained that radial symmetry is a type of balance where parts of an object or picture radiate or revolve around a central point, like the spokes on a bike wheel or a sliced-up pizza.
Most metazoan body plans can be characterized as having, either elements of radial symmetry (such as the Chidaria and Ctenophora) or bilateral symmetry (e.