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That intense blast forces the surface of the metal to form nanostructures and microstructures that dramatically alter how efficiently can radiate from the filament.
Aside from insulating the trunk, the mound of earth radiates heat it absorbs during the day to the upper portion of the tree at night.
The transparent metallic coating works like aluminum foil and does not radiate heat, minimizing solar heat gain.
Devices such as computers, phones, consumer electronics, and more are all known to radiate energy into the noise floor across broad bands of frequencies.
And in the evening, these dark-colored buildings and roads also radiate the solar energy absorbed during the day, keeping the area warm when it should be cooling down.
The gas heated to the highest temperatures by the supernova blast wave radiates X rays, for example, while cooler dust radiates at much lower, infrared energies.
It is the breath that radiates outward from the navel to the arms and legs, literally bringing life energy to the extremities.
Yet objects traveling in space can become extremely hot or cold, depending on how an object absorbs or radiates heat from the sun.
At an age when appearance is everything, Melissa Perea radiates beauty from within.
The bulk of stars radiates at visible and near-infrared wavelengths, and for distant galaxies, this radiation is shifted into the infrared.