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Hensol, head fro"With his constant laughs, smiles and radiating positivity he managed to brighten up a room in seconds.
However, this is only one of the numerous structured fields that can be generated by using composite vortices generated by standard radiating systems.
This study develops an Advance-Tracing Boundary Element Method in the time domain to calculate the waves radiating from an immersed obstacle accelerating randomly.
The other issue with "containing" radiated emissions is that they are still affecting other parts of the design, not to mention that if energy is radiating, it is being lost from the transmitted signal, which will manifest as signal degradation.
(iv) Estimating the permittivity profile by minimizing an objective function including both radiating and non-radiating parts of the equivalent source respectively.
An elementary magnetic or electric radiating dipole is characterized by a set of parameters.
The third production in The Wichita Center for the Arts Theatre's 2012-13 season, Radiating Like a Stone, features an ensemble cast that includes Danzel Muzingo Bond, Deb Campbell, Kay Carroll, Joyce Cavarozzi, Sanda Moore Coleman, Trisha Garnes, Terri Ingram, Suzanna Matthews, Teri Mott, Carol Wilson, and Beth Wise.
The laser process creates a unique array of nano- and micro-scale structures on the surface of a regular tungsten filament-the tiny wire inside a light bulb-and theses structures make the tungsten become far more effective at radiating light.
A flat black finish is best, radiating 90 percent to 98 percent of usable heat.
Sleekly muscular and charmed with a radiating smile that belies a fierce intensity, Mantsoe performs rituals of spiritual fulfillment whose influences range from China to Africa.
A flower's petals, a radiating seashell, a snowflake, a drumbeat, and a melody all exhibit symmetry.
Yet Professor Hawking demonstrated in 1976 that, under the strange rules of quantum physics, black holes are capable of radiating energy.