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For the Y-shape system, the increase in radiation absorption occurred up to 11:00 am (515 W [m.
Radiation absorption (negative when radiation is absorbed) shows a peak in concomitance with the soot region and moderate values outside the sooty region with increasingly smaller absorption towards the pure ambient composition.
Hall current and dufour effects on MHD flow of a micropolar fluid past a vertical plate in the presence of radiation absorption and chemical reaction.
Satya Narayan, "Effects of the chemical reaction and radiation absorption on free convection flow through porous medium with variable suction in the presence of uniform magnetic field," Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol.
One of the factors which influence the interaction of transfer processes is radiation absorption of semi transparent droplets.
The radiographic contrast of the exposed subject depends on its structural nature, with different thickness and radiation absorption indices.
sw,se,k]--solar radiation absorption coefficient of the element k of external surfaces of the building.
For example, the result of radiation absorption in an accident, will be acute.
The light source then illuminates the liquid and, according to the position of the sensor, radiation absorption is gauged (occurring in the arrangement of a line: source--sensor), and/or, at an angle of 60 to 155[degrees], the measurement of radiation dispersion occurs on suspended particles.
The satellite's instruments will help explain how the lunar radiation environment may affect humans and measure radiation absorption with a plastic that is like human tissue.