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A nonlinearity, hidden while using the usual operator formalism, arises in the generation of radiation fields that removes some of the paradoxes in equilibration for purely linear operators on a Hilbert space.
Most of the standards in Table 1 place specific requirements on the strength of the radiation field used for testing, typically defining it at the reference point of the detector through a measure of exposure rate (expressed in [micro]R/h)1 or ambient dose equivalent rate (H*(10), expressed in units of [micro]Sv/h).
The mid-1960S detection of the cosmic microwave background, a pervasive radiation field predicted by Big Bang theorists, turned professional opinion in cosmology sharply away from the steady state.
The Dtb is doctrinally set at half the OEG, which limits the team; it would make more sense to set it at 80 to 90 percent of the OEG if it is expected to take only a short time to exit the radiation field.
Of the 565 skin cancers with known radiation exposure, 88% occurred within the radiation field, and 10% occurred outside the radiation field.
We present successful surgical treatment of three patients who underwent high-dose radiation treatment for cancer and subsequently suffered pathologic fracture and nonunion of the clavicle in the radiation field.
The idea of a loop antenna comes from the realization that radiation field is the space integral of antenna current over distance.
The radiation field in the home was estimated at 50 million times higher than background (background is normal for an area).
Contract award: provision of maintenance services for clinac ix accelerator sn 1023 manufacturer of high-energy linear accelerator - varian medical systems and the 3d radiation field analyzer iba blue phantom 2 producer of iba dosimetry gmbh installed in the beskid centre of oncology - city hospital to them.
The concept of a radiation field permeating the vacuum, and then inducing "matter-oscillators" with an energy given by the first term of Eq.
It also ties these variations to changes in local conditions, such as those due to the physical shape and history of the region, radiation field, etc.
The released electrons are accelerated in this vessel and made to fan out by means of a magnetic field, giving rise to a radiation field.

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