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Generally, there are going to be internal motions and radiation fields that exist in any such large body.
Low energy radiation field shaping masks produced through low temperature thermal-spray presents some clear advantages over traditional field shaping techniques used in radiotherapy.
2] has a significantly higher response to photons than does LiF, so exposure to a given radiation field would give a significantly greater signal for [CaF.
In this sense, each cavity is given access to only two possible degrees of freedom: 1) the vibrational/phonon system in its walls and 2) the radiation field.
Our review of the second neoplasm confirmed that it was an angiosarcoma that had arisen in the radiation field.
If this indeed is the case, then we shall have a chance to better understand how matter actually originates from such a pure radiation field in General Relativity.
The theory is based on the pure radiation field in the vacuum state, including contributions from a nonzero electric charge density;
The local momentum equation of the pure radiation field is considered in terms of an earlier elaborated and revised electromagnetic theory.
The systems, available in fixed, mobile, relocatable and gantry configurations, have an intrinsically lower radiation field when compared to equivalent X-ray systems.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Low Energy Linear Accelerator With Radiation Field Analyzer, High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Remote After Loading System And CT Stimulator T
In his derivation, Einstein also invokes the requirement of thermal equilibrium with a Wien radiation field [8], which of course, required enclosure [1, 2].
The systems have an intrinsically lower radiation field when compared to equivalent X-ray systems.

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