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And the soggy ground and colder nights have reduced the air's ability to take on the extra moisture, causing radiation fog.
As previously stated, the region's steep, trench-like topography contributes to the formation of radiation fog.
This type of fog, also known as radiation fog, usually forms during calm, clear nights.
By early May, much of the radiation fog had lifted, and she felt better, save for the fatigue.
Radiation fog is usually cleared when the sun warms the air the next morning, allowing it to carry more moisture.
The weather plays a major part in crashes, with the most notable offender being fog especially radiation fog which forms overnight in patches.
In the interior Northeast, a distinct late summer/early autumn maximum in radiation fog occurs because of the overlapping of sufficient nocturnal radiational cooling scenarios with ample low-level moisture (Meyer and Lala 1990).
Examining the menacing threat of patchy radiation fog - which forms in localised small pockets - experts now regard this as the most hazardous type of fog because of its ability to take motorists by surprise, often with terrifying consequences.
Unlike radiation fog, this latter type of fog is often capped by overlying stratus and higher cloud layers, and it persists all day.

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