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What conventional doctors overlook is that even when brain swelling is temporarily controlled, the radiation necrosis process itself continues to stimulate inflammatory cytokines.
Radiation necrosis versus glioma recurrence: conventional MR imaging clues to diagnosis.
Radiation necrosis causing failure of automatic ventilation during sleep with central sleep apnea.
For use as an adjunct to conventional imaging in performing guided lesion biopsy of recurrent low-grade brain tumors in patients with an indeterminate MRI, distinguishing high-grade from low-grade tumors, and distinguishing tumor from radiation necrosis in recurrent brain lesions; also as an adjunct to biopsy in the initial grading of the degree of malignancy for patients with primary brain tumors when the initial biopsy result was indeterminate grade II or III glioma.
Hyperbaric oxygen: a new adjunct in the management of radiation necrosis.
Symptoms can develop from cerebral edema or radiation necrosis, are dependent upon lesion location, and vary for each patient.

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