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They can be used separately or in combination to achieve higher radiation tolerance in polypropylene film than is expected for common injection molding formulations incorporating hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS):
With this cost-effective approach and a plastic Hirel-qualified version, the ATmegaS128 can be also considered in more general aerospace applications including class A and B avionic critical cases where radiation tolerance is also a key requirement.
assessment within the field of nuclear engineering regarding radiation tolerance of components, materials and systems related to confinement of and shielding from radioactive sources.
with the exception of three materials most apt to fail--acetal, polypropylene (natural and unstabilized), and PTFE--have a natural radiation tolerance.
The extensive logic, memory, DSP blocks and IO capabilities of Microsemi's RTG4 FPGA with its inherent radiation tolerance and inbuilt configuration memory make this device perfect for spacecraft on-board applications," said Prof.
The Aerospace & Defense focused day will feature an overview of TowerJazz technologies such as SiGe and CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) as well as a presentation on radiation tolerance by Jonathan Pellish, NASA Goddard.
High dose rate (50-300rad(Si)/s) radiation tolerance of 100krad(Si)
As with all members of the FerVID family, the MB89R112 series uses ferroelectric memory (FRAM) for fast write speeds, high-frequency rewritability, radiation tolerance and low-power operation.
Additionally, Flexfet's unique MIGFET on SOI process creates an inherent radiation tolerance, which is extremely useful in avionics and space systems.

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