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It turned out that the doctors did have to do a radical neck dissection.
Gould felt that doing a biopsy of this node would help the surgeon decide whether radical neck dissection was necessary.
The remaining shoulder deficit (Table 1) of the affected limb is a result of radical neck dissection which included removal of substantial amounts of muscle including deltoid, trapezius, and sternocleidomastoid.
A radical neck dissection was positive in 3 of the 5 cases in which it was done at the time of the original diagnosis.
Short et al reported that the degree of shoulder pain and dysfunction is less in patients who undergo modified radical neck dissection with SAN preservation than it is without preservation of the SAN.
This was further treated by radical neck dissection and adjuvant radiation therapy of the left orbit.
I had a radical neck dissection and tonsillectomy plus chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat it.
18) This is supported by the occurrence of PION after radical neck dissection (21,23-25) as compared with other surgical procedures causing PION, such as oral tumor resections, open heart surgery, (14) hip arthroplasty, or even partial gastrectomy.
Elective versus therapeutic radical neck dissection in epidermoid carcinoma of the oral cavity: Results of a randomized clinical trial.
A resection of the soft palate was performed along with a radical neck dissection on the right and a modified neck dissection on the left.
Following fine-needle aspiration biopsy, which demonstrated malignancy, a radical neck dissection was performed.