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The New Radicalism remains a book worth reading and rereading today less for its "main argument" than for the subsidiary arguments that accompany it.
The most distinctive feature of the first category of interpretations devoted to radicalism is their passionate attachment to the very foundations of human life, to the primordial desires of man.
According to Milf Chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, the fatwa declaration "must be pursued vigorously to ensure that this violent extremism or radicalism shall not take root in any part of our communities, because it has no basis whatsoever in any of the teachings of Islam.
An MILF statement received by the Inquirer on Tuesday morning said that the Bangsamoro mufti, Sheik Abehuraira Abdulrahman Udasan, declared the fatwa 'against the entry and spread of violent radicalism or extremism in any part of the Bangsamoro Homeland.
During this conference, Bachtobji shed light on the Tunisian experience in the fight against radicalism and terrorism, saying it is based on a strategy aimed in particular at fighting radical and extremist discourse and defeating attempts at ideological indoctrination.
When they failed to quell radicalism and two secular leaders were murdered, they resigned, and the people elected a secular party, Nidaa Tounes, to govern and be tough with the trouble makers.
The websites and social media accounts containing radicalism have kept emerging sharply since December 2015," Rudiantara said.
Zarif said that radicalism threatens everybody and no one can claim that it is just a regional problem.
While that is certainly stretching the point, this paper does convey the apprehension that many conservatives felt about radicalism and places Burke in the vanguard of Filmer who feared the anarchy it brought.
In his speech last night at inauguration of "Constantine the Capital of Arab Culture2015", Al-Araby stressed the need for thorough, persistent Arab cultural cooperation on various issues in view of numerous root causes of crises we see around us nowadays, alluding to the unprecedented wave of radicalism and extremism in many countries and the lack of attention to culture in its full contemporary meaning.
The root causes of terrorism and violent radicalism are extremely complex, multifaceted and often intertwined.
The need of the hour is to restudy the trends of radicalism and not to limit it to a particular community or country.