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Indeed, the example of Negro Story could be seen in retrospect as a paradigmatic moment in African American literary radicalism of the 1940s, where the means of production and the production of means necessary for formulating a resistant literary culture attained simultaneous autonomy.
Worker-Writer in America: Jack Conroy and the Tradition of Midwestern Literary Radicalism, 1898-1990.
He does this by taking four cuts into the history of German radicalism: the first involving the Jacobin episode in Mainz in 1792-93, together with the cognate histories in Baden and Wurttemberg in the later 1790s; the second focusing on the mainly student radicalism of the Restoration period after 1814, culminating in the repressive Carlsbad Decrees of 1819; the third surveying the radical upsurge of 1830-34 in response to the 1830 French Revolution, concentrating on the southwest, but also incorporating central Germany and Hanover; and the last concerning the story of the 1848 revolution in the southwest.