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I told God that if he gave me an opportunity as a radio announcer," Sotelo told the Times, "I was going to help my people.
We heard a comment from a radio announcer down in New Orleans a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit, describing a party that was starting up down on Bourbon Street.
So I Am Glad features radio announcer and reluctant sadist M.
The humour comes courtesy of William H Macy in scene- stealing form as fast-talking radio announcer ``TickTock'' McGlaughlin.
A pirate radio announcer begins broadcasting Allied propaganda from an illegal transmitter to get back at the Nazis.
When he applied at the CBC studios for an acting job, he was given a position as a radio announcer in Toronto.
Cox's father was a journalist and his mother a radio announcer and talk show host.
While working as a commercial radio announcer in Savannah, Ga.
Seeing the reel-to-reel and cart machines brings back memories of my days as a radio announcer and news hound.
Yesterday I heard a radio announcer give what may have been the definitive example of how you can get in trouble when you mix singular and plural.
Those words were spoken some years ago by a female radio announcer to a convention of salesmen in Philadelphia.
So how did this National Public Radio correspondent and host of "Weekly Edition: The Best of NPR News," a self-proclaimed "bad field/no-hit second baseman," land himself a sweet summer gig as a play-by-play radio announcer for a Maryland minor league team?

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