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35 Salisbury Born in 1904 in Halifax, Yorkshire, Pickles was the first BBC radio announcer with a regional accent.
A former improvisational comedian and radio announcer, Lee is the author of ten books on topics in the realm of popular culture.
the radio announcer interrupting: It's going, going, gone!
He spent a great deal of his healing time listening to the radio and told his teacher (who brought school assignments to his home each week) that he thought being a radio announcer would be interesting.
By contrast, Major Victory's abilities seem to be limited to speaking in a deep bass voice reminiscent of a caffeinated radio announcer and filling out his red spandex uniform.
The Joe Bostic Story: First Black American Radio Announcer by George L.
I told God that if he gave me an opportunity as a radio announcer," Sotelo told the Times, "I was going to help my people.
We heard a comment from a radio announcer down in New Orleans a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit, describing a party that was starting up down on Bourbon Street.
His broadcast career began as a CBS radio announcer in New York in 1936 and in 1940 he created his first radio show, "Truth or Consequences," based on a game he played as a boy.
So I Am Glad features radio announcer and reluctant sadist M.
Now, in a new play that takes the phrase he coined (minus one "going") as its title, Hartman follows the rise and fall of her grandfather's career as a radio announcer, as well as the internal lives of his family--who, she explains, grew up with a father "present as a voice but not present physically.
A pirate radio announcer begins broadcasting Allied propaganda from an illegal transmitter to get back at the Nazis.

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