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The strength of radio link as a crime-busting tool, say its advocates, is the greatly enhanced communication it offers.
No pricing details for the radio link have been disclosed.
For file transfer and Web surfing this is not an issue, but for full duplex real time latency sensitive E1 circuit extension utilizing small high frequency Ethernet frames multi-hop radio links get overrun.
Steve Ledsham, 55, a farmer in Thurstaston, said a radio link would mean farmers feeling less isolated.
And to ensure members have a powerful crime-busting tool at their fingertips, the scheme's radio link system has just been upgraded.
People who took part in a till snatch were arrested within six minutes because of the radio link.
In the event of a problem in the transmission path, it is much easier to detect and fix a radio link than a buried cable.
ISO continues to broaden its solutions with an increasingly comprehensive approach toward optimization of the full radio link of a number of diverse wireless networks.
Similar schemes allowing businesses to communicate via radio link and increase CCTV surveillance have already been hugely successful in Liverpool and Birkenhead.
SHOPKEEPERS in a Warwickshire town are using a retail radio link to crack down on crime.
The Bedworth Business Radio Link has been set up by the town's community beat officer, PC Jason Darker, and the Warwickshire Retail Crime Initiative.