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The clinical and radiographic diagnosis was correlated in 1174 coronal and proximal surfaces with 0.
Macrodystrophia lipomatosa: radiographic diagnosis.
Radiographic diagnosis and clinical tissue changes in relation to treatment of approximal carious lesions.
For instance, our results on the frequency of lung metastases based on radiographic diagnosis should be considered cautiously if used for comparative purposes.
The connection between the radiographic diagnosis and the conclusive clinical diagnosis to establish prognosis and possible treatment of the occipital dysplasia is still unknown, since many animals that are radiographically dysplastic don't present any neurologic signs.
Radiographers now provide image interpretation and informed clinical comments to assist clinical colleagues in their radiographic diagnosis
Radiographic diagnosis of osteoporosis is very subjective as technical factors can alter the apparent bone density, but the occurrence of a fragility fracture is strong evidence of underlying bone disease.
The term "tethered cord" is a radiographic diagnosis, Dr.
Tulloch JF, Antczak-Bouckoms AA, Berkey CS, Douglass CW: Selecting the optimal threshold for the radiographic diagnosis of interproximal caries.