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The weld plate was subjected to radiographic examination to ascertain weld integrity prior to mechanical testing on radiaogrphy machine Semtinel (Make Global, U.
claimed that only 26% of fractures had been correctly identified on the initial radiographic examination.
It remains uncertain whether the absence of radiographic findings represents early stages of either primary disease or reactivation, or disease caused by intrathoracic lymphadenopathy not yet detected by simple radiographic examination [14-15].
While patients may present with signs and symptoms of catecholamine excess or vague abdominal discomfort, some tumors will be detected incidentally on radiographic examination.
Radiographic examination usually shows a full complement of teeth, but the crowns of the teeth either have very thin enamel or lack enamel completely.
5 g/L Omnipaque, concentrations that can be expected after bolus injection for radiographic examination, in each case led to the appearance in the capillary zone electropherograms of abnormal peaks with the same shapes and in the same locations as the extra peaks found in the electropherograms from patients injected with contrast agents.
In recent years, EALs have been developed for determining the length of the root canal, which may be helpful to overcome the shortcomings of radiographic examination in teeth with resorption [Athar et al.
1,3) Most nasal osteomas are asymptomatic at an early stage, and they are usually found incidentally during routine radiographic examination.
Radiographic examination consisted of an anteroposterior pelvic radiograph that included the proximal part of the femur and the entire stem, as well as a lateral radiograph of the involved hip; these were performed at the time of each clinical evaluation.
A confident diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis can be made without radiographic examination in adults older than 40 years based on criteria described in evidence-based recommendations to be published by the European League Against Rheumatism.