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2 With the increased awareness associated with the risk of ionizing radiations and radiography, guidelines have been published for practitioners to consult before advising or taking any radiographic image in order to avoid any unnecessary radiation exposure to patient.
Through radiographic image analysis, it was possible to evaluate the internal morphology of achenes and establish three classes: filled achenes (fully formed), malformed achenes (or damaged), and empty achenes (Figure 2).
Postoperative displacement of the fracture was examined on AP and lateral radiographic images.
The current radiographic image is obtained via photochemical procedures, photo protector stroke resistance cassette, intensifier screen, special films, film processing tools, film processing agents and other accessories.
This is not a book for medical students or physicians because it focuses on the production of radiographic images rather than the interpretation of radiographs, but it would be an interesting read for any physician pursuing the specialty of radiology.
Both radiologists and clinicians have been interested in exploring the potential of digital radiographic image and reporting systems.
Exercise nine covers the factors that affect the radiographic image, and exercise 10 addresses the problems with technique and processing that affect the image.
Participants were women whose routine mammograms exhibited "dysplasia" -- unusual shadows in the radiographic image -- affecting at least half a breast.
The lateral radiographic image (Figs 1 and 2) revealed a soft tissue swelling around the left carpus and the radiolucency noted, consistent with a nondisplaced oblique fracture of the extensor process of the carpometacarpus.
A new chapter on picture archiving and communication systems has been added, and the chapter on qualities of the radiographic image is now two chapters on visibility and geometrical qualities.
Just as digital cameras have made photography more efficient by eliminating film, the Eklin RapidStudy DR system provides the veterinarian with a radiographic image that can be viewed immediately on a high-resolution monitor without need for film developing.

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